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Our History

History of Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance

It was while working as a volunteer on the Komen Foundation’s Milwaukee Race for the Cure in 1999 that Joan Sagan, an oncology nurse with more than 20 years experience, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She knew right away that she wanted to start a Wisconsin organization that would do for ovarian cancer what the Komen Foundation did for breast cancer: provide education, encourage advocacy, generate support.

After her treatment, Sagan assembled family, friends, medical professionals and fellow survivors to launch the Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance (WOCA). Formed in May 2000, the non-profit group has been on a fast track ever since. Key actions have included the formation of a medical advisory board; identification of outreach partners in Green Bay and Madison, as well as Metropolitan Milwaukee; creation of the Comedy For The Cure fundraising event; and the launch of this informational web site.

WOCA is a tax-exempt organization pursuant to Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The organization falls under the umbrella and is a working partner of the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.

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